Spreadsheets and BI

10 Years Challenge with Spreadsheets and BI

Social media is going strong these days and we know it’s good for all reasons too. Social media is a powerful tool which can be leveraged to garner maximum attention and for brand visibility. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are filled with records of the most-liked photo and so forth. Now there’s a new trend that you’d probably spotted in recent years.

“It’s about 10 years challenge” which has been picking up speed fiercely for a quite a while now and all celebrities and public are catching up this trend. So, let’s also participate alongside and watch the 10 years challenge between the two i.e Spreadsheets and BI.

The 10 Years Battle with Spreadsheets and BI

We’ve entered the age of big data where still many companies are using excel and spreadsheets to visualize and gain meaningful insights from it, particularly in finance. Many organizations are using spreadsheets for core strategic planning, financial planning, budgeting,forecasting and other financial tasks. Spreadsheets may be go-to-analysis tools for many business users but they were never designed to be used as a data store for millions or even billions of cells.

Looking inward, you need to have confidence in the information on which you will rest your critical decisions. Spreadsheets are excellent at some level for many different jobs. But, data visualization and data filtering and actionable insights at moment’s notice is not one of them.

The proliferation of spreadsheets exposes many organizations to potential flaws, hard to audit, difficult to analyze and risks. Worse, the volume of data presented can lead to your team to make poor choices or take wrong actions based on that misinterpretation. Further, using spreadsheets and excel is not a sustainable solution as the company grows, for one simple reason.

This is why Business Intelligence Software Came in

In near about 10 years, new products have sprung up which allow companies to gain actionable insights the time they need the most.  Tools like Tableau and Power BI bring improved data visualization to make a quick and accurate decision on the fly.

Powerful Business intelligence software like Tableau skip the chance of any possibility of users hitting the wrong key, creating an inappropriate formula, leaving out a row or column, or avoiding any calculation errors. Tableau BI software transforms your data by centrally managing everything, and facilitating high accountability and accuracy.

With Tableau BI, it becomes incredibly easy for sales team, marketing team, IT, support, HR, supply chain or any other department to build dashboards and perform ad-hoc analysis in just a few clicks and deliver more insights to the business.

However, if you are one of the business users who still want to use Excel Sheets for day-to-day decisions there’s one more smart approach for this. With a drag-and-drop functionality, Tableau makes exploring excel data faster and convenient. With enterprise-ready BI software in place, it becomes easier to ask and answer questions as you go with the same simplicity as you are used to see in excel sheets. As Tableau can integrate well with excel sheets and 70+ connectors, making data analysis fast and simple seems promising and within reach.

So, now we know all these 10 years we have received such a powerful yet affordable BI product which bespeaks quality, performance and is extremely useful for all business users.

Alen Parker is a guest blogger with several years of experience in the industry. He likes to help businesses stay informed and up to date with established and emerging technologies like SAP Business One, IoT, AI, Cloud, and others.

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