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3 Lesser-Known Panda Facts that You can Get to Know from Chengdu Panda Tour

Did you know that the pandas are not well-equipped to handle the high-fiber bamboo? Yet, they are determined to binge on the bamboo shoots. It is often said that evolution has taken a toll on the panda world. Panda breeding is a complicated affair because climate change, deforestation, and even road construction are to be blamed. Nevertheless, the world (especially China) has been contributing to saving the panda bears for a long period.

Nowadays, you do not hear that the baby pandas are dying inside the enclosures. However, pandas love to enjoy their freedom. Even the big enclosures make the pandas act in a bizarre way. Their conservation is vital to the human world since they can help the local communities in return. Also, keeping up the balance of the ecosystem is equally significant. Since human beings owe it to the giant pandas, the Chengdu panda tour can present important information to you. So, take a look at following the section to learn more about the endangered animals.

Looking back at Panda History

You might have thought that the pandas have originated in Asia only but you could be making a mistake, here. One of the oldest evidence was found in Spain and the fossil is believed to be 11.6 million-year-old. Again, 750,000 years ago, the pandas might have been roaming around Asia. And, 8 million years ago, pandas were in China. Meanwhile, it is to note that the similarities between the fossils found in China and Europe are not distinct completely. Experts cannot discard the theory of migration route of the pandas between Asia and Europe. As the subtropical forests faced extinction five million years ago in Europe, the reason behind the demise of the bears cannot be thrown out of the window. The transition widely vivid in European fauna might ignite the fuel of disappearance.

Understanding Pandas’ Eating Habit

The giant panda bears may be omnivores but they act as carnivores. If you take a look at their digestive system, the pandas do not digest as an herbivore, at all. However, they do not like to rely on meat diet completely. Due to their digestive system, they cannot absorb high nutrients from the bamboo shoots due to passing as waste. The pandas do not consume snakes, fish, moles, or any other animals; hence, high nutrients are not found in their diet.

Knowing about Pandas’ Natural Habitats

Because of the wide human population, pandas are only found in 20 isolated areas (which are filled with bamboo thickets. Qinling Mountain is one of the most important ones letting the pandas live in the southern region of China. However, they are widespread in the bamboo forests of Sichuan, Gansu, and Shaanxi. Now, Qinling Mountain may provide shelters to 20% of the panda’s population but Minshan Mountain hosts 45% of the population. However, the clearance of bamboo forests has become the worst threat to the species.

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Author bio: Jenna Harris, a travel and animal enthusiast, has written on how to make China adventure tours more worth remembering. Here, she mentions certain things about the pandas that you should know before going to Chengdu panda tour.

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