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4 Reasons You Just Can’t Ignore a Redmi Phone

Over a period of 5 years, the Indian smartphone market has witnessed many actions. A Chinese entrant called Xiaomi Redmi challenged Samsung’s leadership in the market.

Also, the rolling of advanced features in the smartphones along with the affordable pricing led Redmi to rise on the top of the ranks.

The market also saw some other players such as Gionee, Vivo, Oppo, Tecno and others launching in the Indian market. However, the impression and fan following that Redmi could amass; no other brand was able to replicate that.  

Redmi brought some amazing smartphones such as Redmi 4, Redmi 5 and many more. And they sold like hot cakes. These mobiles under 10000set the stage for the budget section supremacy among manufacturers.

Compared with other launches by other formidable smartphone players in India, Redmi phones still pack a punch in giving more at lower prices. As a result, Redmi phones have become the preferred choice of youngsters and budget class people.

If you still have been unable to use a Redmi phone and want to know why it is not possible to ignore a Xiaomi phone, then you should read this post. We have enlisted some relevant reasons why it’s not possible to ignore a Redmi phone these days.

Here’s why you can’t ignore a Redmi phone

1)    It’s a Make in India initiative

Redmi is one of the Chinese manufacturers that have set up shop in India after the introduction of the Make in India initiative by the Indian Government. They have a manufacturing unit in Bangalore with more being launched in Andhra Pradesh. Thus, if you are in favour of the Make in India initiative, you may give some points to Redmi for its efforts.

2)    Redmi phones get the latest processor

Redmi always offers more in its next series of phones and hence, people wait for such phones to launch before making a purchase. The latest example is the Redmi 5 and Redmi 4 getting Snapdragon 450 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processors. They even bring the latest versions of Android in their line of smartphones. Hence, it means that users see no lagging, heating or performance issues. As a result, Redmi is able to impress users absolutely. 

3)    State of the art specs

Redmi phones such as Redmi 4 and Redmi 5 also offer many other useful specifications such as higher camera resolutions, RAM and battery backup. Even the internal and external storage is higher than other phone brands. Redmi surely knows what people want, and they develop a phone accordingly.

4)    The unbeatable pricing

Xiaomi Redmi’s mobiles under 10000 such as Redmi 4, Redmi 5 and others pack in a paunch concerning features, performance and pricing. The kind of elements that people could avail in a Redmi phone is not seen in other brands. The icing on the cake is the pricing of the Redmi phones, which makes the users, drool over it.

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Some of the reasons why Redmi mobiles under 10000 such as Redmi 5, Redmi 4 and others can’t be ignored are revealed. Going through this post would have also helped you make a decision to buy a Redmi phone today.

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