Buying Your Own House

7 Important Things to Consider Before Buying Your Own House

Buying and owning a home is not an easy feat. In fact, it’s a huge investment that one should think about carefully. This significant financial decision marks an achievement for some people. While it’s a thrilling idea to have your own home, it’s not a child play and you should know the basics before jumping in.

From finding out the perfect location to seeking real estate agent help to securing financing options, you have to educate yourself so you can make a good decision. Please note the following and consider them before purchasing a home property:

A realistic budget

Before anything else, you should have a budget in mind. This budget is created prior on looking for potential home and you should stick to it. Creating your budget is long and difficult task to make. You should be able to know the price you can afford and start with it. You should have available cash for deposit and buying costs of the property.

The rule of thumb for creating a budget for this event is that you should be able to pay 20 percent of the total contract price of the property so you can avail 80 percent loan and 5 percent for the fees and other buying costs. Your budget will help you decide which type of property you can afford and the best neighbourhood suited to your money. It will also help you avoid future debt.

Property type and location

After setting your budget for your future home property, it’s time to pick which property type suits you and your budget. If you have a family, you better choose a home with two or more bedrooms. If you’re single, an apartment or condo unit is enough. If you’re more up for a challenge, pre-fab homes such as kit homes would be nice.

For the location, you can opt for the city if your work is there. City property might be expensive but proximities with almost everything are a great deal. If you prefer a quieter place, a suburban is a nice choice because it’s just outskirt of the city.

Professional real estate agent help

Sometimes, it’s really better and hassle-free if we seek the help of real estate agent when looking for potential home for yourself or family. These professionals will help you make a successful home purchase, guiding you through the process. With the help real estate agent, they will locate few housing options that suit your needs. They can also negotiate the term and conditions of the property purchase.

Moreover, they help clients to find the best mortgage loan with the best terms. Real estate agents organize and manage the paperwork so you can have smooth transaction.

Home inspection should be considered

Before you consider buying a piece of property, you include information on inspections. A home inspection helps in uncovering serious problems with the property. These issues include foundation problems, pest issues, improper insulation, roof damage, and more. With the help of licensed home inspector, you would know if these property issues will become costly repairs in the near future. It will also help you in making a final decision regarding your purchase. So ensure that you only deal with professional home inspector and real estate agent.

Home developer credibility

These days, one of the fastest ways to acquire home is through home developers. To avoid future problems, it is advisable to check the reputation and credibility especially with new home builders. Check their track record before you consider buying property from them. Find out if the make quality home units and if they deliver what they promises to clients.

Neighbourhood quality

If you’re looking for a new home, you have factor in several considerations such as price, location, and layout. Before you invest in any property – apartment, condo unit, kit homes, bungalow, and more – you should check out the neighbourhood first. Here are the things you should check out:

  • Proximity to schools
  • Nearest banks and hospitals
  • Shopping center and department stores
  • Parks
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment place

Financing options

After choosing the best home for you, you should be able to secure financing to pay the property. Be ready with documents – tax returns, employment certificates, bank account, payslip, and more. You must remember that acquiring mortgage loan can be complex at times and you need to be prepared. Before jumping into any mortgage, you should do loan or mortgage shopping. Check and compare, and then evaluate which one would be best for your financial capacity. Talk to few financial institutions and compare the rates and terms. But keep in mind that your loan approval will depend on your credit history; make sure to sort it out.

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