Benefits of Buying Apartments in Bangalore

The thought of buying a flat in a bustling city like Bangalore must have crossed your mind. With a little planning you can realise your dream while staying within your means. To buy a flat in Bangalore, you should first list your requirements. There are many upcoming apartments in Bangalore and they are very affordable, such as Tata New Haven, vbhc palmhaven, Nandi Citadel and many more. Do not worry if you find yourself a little short on funds.

You can also take out a home loan from banks or non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) from famous companies like the Bajaj Housing Finance Limited.  When you opt for a dream home, it’s only logical that you should settle for the best opportunity. You can check out residential properties like Tata New Haven and vbhc palmhaven that offer world-class amenities.

# Why go for an apartment like Tata New Haven, vbhc palmhaven, Nandi Citadel

-> Bangalore is the fastest growing city in India. Apartment complexes are coming up at convenient locations across the city. Staying in an apartment complex has its own benefits. For instance, a world-class complex like Tata Value Homes offers lifestyle facilities like a swimming pool, gym, kids’ area and other such amenities.

-> In addition, it provides 24×7 security service. Apartments also provide a sense of togetherness among the residents. This is especially beneficial for people who come from different parts of the country.

# Things to consider before you make a choice

You must consider some essential factors before you choose an apartment. The following points will help you make your choice:

-> Rent equal to EMI: Professionals prefer to buy a flat in Tata New Haven in Bangalore these days due to the skyrocketing rent situation. You should make sure that the EMI for your housing loan is almost at par with the rent you used to pay to your landlord. This saves you from incurring any additional expenditure even when you own an apartment of your won.

-> Proximity to office/educational institutions: It’s important to check if your office and your kids’ schools could be reached easily from your newly bought home. This helps you save on the transport cost and eases your transportation worry.

-> Overall location: The location of your apartment is very important. But Bangalore is developing at so fast a pace that suburbs are being connected to the city every day.  

All these factors are important not only from the buyer’s point of view. In Bangalore, property prices are soaring over time. So, the value of your property will only appreciate. If you wish to sell off the property in future, you are going to get a good price for your investment.

# Why should you opt for home loan

-> Even if you have considerable savings, it’s prudent to take out a home loan to buy an apartment. After all, you need to save your money for a rainy day. With a liberal repayment period, you can repay your loan steadily over a long period.

-> Bajaj Housing Finance Limited offers a maximum housing loan of Rs.3.5 crore for a maximum repayment tenure of 20 years. The processing of home loan has also become hassle-free these days.  You can make use of the easy finance options to buy the house of your dreams.

-> By availing the home loan facility, you can enjoy tax benefits during the full tenor of your loan. In fact, you can get a tax rebate under the principal amount as well as the interest component. These can be claimed separately under Section 80C and 80EEE of the Indian Income tax Act respectively.


If you plan to buy a flat in Bangalore, the time is now. The sooner you buy a house, the sooner you give up monthly rent and invest that money for your future. There is another thing: Always purchase your apartment in a reputed project likeTata New Haven, vbhc palmhaven, Nandi Citadel to get the best deals in terms of price, quality, and delivery date.

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