Chatbots – our all-time assistants

Chatbots – our all-time assistants

A chatbot is basically just a computer program or an artificial intelligence which helps in the conductionof a conversation via auditory or textual methods. It is also known as a smart bot, talkbot, chatterbot, Bot, IM bot, interactive agent, Conversational interface or Artificial Conversational Entity. These types of programs are often designed to convincingly simulate the human behaviour as a conversational partner, thereby passing the Turing test.

Chatbots are used in dialog systems for various types of practical purposes which includes customer service or information acquisition. And some uses sophisticated natural language processing systems. Today most chatbots are either accessed via virtual assistants or via individual organizations’ apps and websites. Chatbots are classified into different categories of usage such as conversational commerce that is e-commerce via chat, analytics, communication, customer support, design, developer tools, education, entertainment, finance, food, games, health, marketing, news, productivity, shopping, social, sports, travel and utilities.

It is essential to have chatbots in real estate as because Chatbots are online application and thus no matter at which time of the day we are receiving a new inquiry for any property, chatbot can provide us with reliable information round-the-clock. As it can handle frequently asked questions and is one of the best options used by millions of people outside normal business hours, thus is very useful. A chatbot can easily provide us with information while the real estate agent is unavailable. Auto-responders are also set up to take care of the interaction and also to provide information on the property interested.

It collects information on the basis of inquiry. Each time a when one is having a conversation with a chatbot, it is collecting information. It has the capability to generate a lead while collecting information easily in the database. When any conversation is at its end, a chatbot can also help us by providing information about the assigned realtor of the interested property. And can also take a request to schedule an appointment. It will note the preferred date and time, and notify the real estate agent. In case if the chatbot is not able to answer any particular question, it will direct the inquiry to a customer service or sales representative, so that it is taken further.

There are some more such as starting an upfront conversation, improving inbound marketing campaign and also provides 360-degree virtual walk-through of the property.

A chatbot development company for real estate provides us with fully dedicated resources for unmatched control and transparency during operation face. They offer us easy usage of interface and can perform automated actions. A chatbot is comparatively less expensive and are also easy to build but has a higher adoption rate. They also provide us with uncompromised privacy standards, transaction, and workflow. They offer personalized interaction which in turn increases customer retention and loyalty.

Chatbots are already popular for engaging with website visitors. It can also be used to provide the website visitor with property information, images, videos, and virtual tours. Chatbots are like our all-time assistants that work to interact and perform round-the-clock.

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