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Educate Yourself about Stem Cell Transplant

A stem cell also goes by the name of bone marrow transplant where injunction of healthy cells takes place in your body so as to repair or remove the damaged cells. This becomes necessary if the bone marrow stops working and is not in a position to produce healthy cells. With the help of this procedure the body is in a position to generate sufficient amount of white blood cells and reduces the chances of life threatening infections. Do opt for the best bone marrow transplant hospitals in India as they have gone on to report successful outcomes and reduced chances of complications. Stem cell transplant can go on to cure benign and malignant disorders. They can help you treat blood disorders in the following ways

Removes cancer cells

During a stem cell transplant you are likely to be given a high dose of drugs and this can be with or without radiation to ward of the cancer cells

Then the doctor would go on to infuse healthy cells that has been collected from a donor. They stick on to the bone marrow and start producing new cells.

The phase of preparation

The patient needs to be part of certain tests and procedures, for assessment of their health along with general condition. The bottom line is that you need to be physically prepared for a surgery. Apart from this a radiologist will incorporate a thin tube in the chest adjacent to your back. For the entire duration of treatment the catheter does remain in place.

Once the necessary tests are over you need to opt for a conditioning process. Here you are given chemotherapy or radiation as per the demands.

  • It would destroy the cancer cells
  • Your immune system is supressed which means that the body is not going to reject the transplanted cells.

The method of conditioning would once again depend upon a lot of factors which includes your overall health along with the type of transplant needed. You can be given radiation in combination with chemotherapy or any one of the treatment options. There are some side effects of conditioning that occur which are nausea, vomiting, headache, fatigue etc. You can opt for medication or other remedial measures to reduce the impact of these side effects.

Mini stem cell transplants

This is an allogeneic transplant where a less conditioning regime is put into practice. It means that reduced doses of radiation or chemotherapy are provided which kills the cancer cells and somehow goes on to supress your immune system. After that the donor cells are infused into the body. The donor cells are going to replace the cells of your bone marrow in due course of time. If there are immune factors it could fight off the donor cells. This sort of conditioning regime could prove to be less effective as lesser degree of radiation along with chemotherapy is involved. Once again this would depend on factors as your overall age and the general health of the patient.

What can be expected?

In stem cell transplanted the donor cells are infused via the medium of central line on to the body. This is normally undertaken after several days of radiation, chemotherapy or a combination of both. The process of infusion takes somewhere between 1 to 5 hours and you are going to be awake during the procedure.

Then the transplanted cells make their way on to your bone marrow where they begin to produce new red blood cells. It could take some time for the new red blood cells to be produced and then the blood count starts to recover. The bone marrow cells which have been frozen do contain a preservative that keeps the cells intact. Just before the transplant you might be given medication so as to reduce the side effects. Once the transplant is over you are likely to be given fluids which would help the body to get rid of the preservative. Some of the side effects that may emerge are fever, chills, hives etc. Be aware that not each one has side effects, but in case of some it could be minimal.

After the process of stem cell transplant you are likely to have blood tests along with a series of other tests to outline your condition. In order to combat issues like nausea you may need to take medicines. Once the process of stem cell transplant is over you need to be under closed medical care. In case if you are suffering from any other form of complications your hospital stay is likely to be extended by a few days. It all depends on how you are feeling and if you need close monitoring it is better to remain in the hospital.

At the same time you might require periodic transfusions of platelets or blood cells till the point bone marrow begins production of these cells on their own. The chances of infections or complications do go on to increase in the years to come as well.


With a stem cell transplant some diseases can be cured and it can be put into remission. The objectives of treatment will depend upon the condition but it depends upon controlling the blood disorder. It has to extend your life and improve the quality of it as well.

There are some people who suffer side effects along with complications from a stem cell transplant. They can be numerous challenging problems both in the long and short run. The success or severity of the transplant does differ from one patient to another and it is really difficult to predict before the process of transplant.

It could be a real concern if some discomforting challenges emerge during the process of transplant. It could be worth understanding that many survivors of this transplant procedure did face some issues in the early part of the process. But ultimately they have gone on to have had successful implants and go on to improve the quality of their life.

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