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How Shoelaces Can Transform Your Look From Boring To Astonishing?

Did you know that shoelaces can completely transform one’s appearance? Yes, depending on the occasion and the clothing you wear, they can add a special touch to your overall look.

The only catch here is to know what to do with them in order to achieve this. And there are truly a lot of things you can attempt, starting from experimenting with their color and the type to the lacing methods.

Luckily, here we’ve gathered some cool tips and tricks, which will show you how to use your laces to look astonishing and unique wherever you go. Enjoy!

Experiment with Colors

If there’s one thing that catches people’s attention at once, it’s the color. It has the power to enhance your whole style. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of the clothes and shoes you wear in order to be able to match the shoelaces with them.

Nowadays, it’s all about stronger colors, which is why getting yellow or red shoelaces is a nice idea. Connected to this, contrast is an aspect worth paying attention to. Not only do contrasting laces stand out more easily but they turn your shoes into a bold fashion statement, as well. For instance, putting white shoelaces on black shoes can do wonders in terms of getting noticed as soon as you enter a room.

Finally, you have the bi-colored laces at your disposal if you want to look even cooler.

Choose Different Types of Shoelaces

To satisfy all tastes and go with various clothing combinations, there are different types of shoelaces you can try. Some of the most popular ones out there are the round, oval, flat, and dress laces. Moreover, the flat ones can be bought in a wider version more suitable for sneakers.

Aside from these, many people prefer to buy shoelaces with patterns on them as they tend to appear unusual once put on. The patterns range from cute animal prints to stars, smiley emoji and such.

As the market is constantly enriched with innovations, new types of laces appear all the time. Lately, the no-tie silicone shoelaces are a real hit both for those that wear regular and sports shoes.

Replace the Aglets

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You may not believe it, but aglets can contribute to your look, as well. Having said that, it isn’t imperative for them to be in the same color as your laces. For example, if you have red shoelaces, you can put aglets in an entirely different color or even transparent ones.

There are great deals related to these online. You should only comb the web a little and pick those that you like the most.

Extra tip–Sometimes, simply wrapping the aglets in colored tape and covering them with resin or wax will do the trick temporarily.

Play with the Length

Don’t take the length of the shoelaces as something that’s fixed and cannot be changed. On the contrary, you can keep your laces long or shorten them to get a different effect when they are tied. What matters is that they look good either way. It’s all up to your taste.

If you want them short, though, you can cut the ends and then replace the aglets or cut a part of them from the middle and then connect the two ends by sewing or using a strong glue.

Try Interesting Lacing Methods

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People have come up with some really unique methods for lacing your shoelaces. And most of them are seriously able to transform your look.

Here are some of the eye-catching ones:

  • Gap Lacing – It includes crisscrossing the ends of the laces, but creating a break in the middle by putting the ends straight through the next eyelets and then proceeding with the crossing until you reach the top of the shoe.
  • Train Track Lacing – This one is a real attention-grabber because the end result appears like train tracks. You can do it by making the two ends go straight up on the outside and enter through the following higher eyelets. Then, proceed on the inside straight across and go out through the opposite eyelets.
  • Winter Solstice Lacing – Not many people have heard of this one, but it looks very unusual on your shoes. Basically, the laces go through all the eyelets straight up the sides of the shoe until they exit through the top eyelets.

Get Creative

At the end of the day, you are the one wearing the shoelaces and it’s completely your decision how far you want to go to make them more appealing.

Besides the ones we mentioned earlier, some other ideas to think about include painting the laces yourself and drawing shapes on them with a brush, pencil or even a marker as well as adding glitter to them to make them more glamorous.

The options are everywhere around you, just unleash your creativity and think of what will work best for your current appearance.

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