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Instructions to Do a Content Audit and Boost Your Organic Traffic

A content audit is a term for a process where the performance of content in a website can be analyzed for determining whether it must be redirected, consolidated, deleted, or updated.

The final result of doing a content audit is a site that is healthier than before because of less number of low-quality, under performing pages.

It allows you to get rid of the things that you do not need and add things that will be relevant in today’s market. With the market being so dynamic, staying up-to-date to the changes has become essential. For this reason, many of the company prefer to hire the services of the best SEO consultant.

Posts that are 2 or 3 years old and do not offer much value to the visitors do not offer organic traffic. Hence, it is wise to delete such posts. Contrary to popular belief, deleting these posts did more good than harm.

Process Involved In a Content Audit

There are a lot of decisions that go into content auditing. If your website is more than six months old, you need to verify if the site is getting a significant quantity of traffic.

Ifyes, then you have to see whether a decent amount of it is coming from organic search or not. If the primary source is an organic search, you do not need an audit. But if it isn’t, then your website has more potential. By reviewing manually, you will be able to increase the traffic significantly.

If the answer to the first question is no, you need to see whether the page has followed backlinks. If the answer is yes, then you need to update or redirect (301). If no, then you will have to delete + 404.

If the pages are relevant and contain information like a privacy policy or contact details, you can keep the page.

Content auditing can be done page-by-page or manually. Getting in touch with an SEO consulting company can be very helpful in this area.

Let’s understand what the three possible outcomes mean –

  • Update or Redirect (301) – When there is no meaningful traffic or one followed backlink, this recommendation shows up. Choosing to update or redirect is more of a personal preference. The best bet would be to update and make improvements in the content rather than deleting and redirecting it somewhere else. The best digital marketing agencies in USA can help you in that department.
  • Delete (404) – When there are no followed backlinks or meaningful traffic, this recommendation appears. It makes sense to delete them, but you can also try redirecting them to other pages on the website.
  • Manually Review – When you get decent traffic or little from organic search, you will get this recommendation. In this condition, you can –
  1. Consolidate and/or Redirect (301)
  2. Update
  3. ‘Noindex’
  4. Leave it as it is

It is essential for your digital marketing agency USA to note that you shouldn’t be redirecting or deleting a page without manually reviewing it first. It is a mandatory step that needs to be kept in mind.

Automating Content Audit Process

Manual process can be very time-consuming.If your website is small, it would not be much of an issue, but when you have thousands of pages, it can be very challenging. Six steps can help you audit your website.

  • Making a copy of your template
  • Importing a list of different pages for the site
  • Importing analytics data
  • Importing backlink data
  • Reviewing the various recommendations and then taking action
  • Removing the internal links to any of the redirected or deleted pages.

A content audit is something that needs to take place regularly. It will help in keeping the website free from the low-quality content that could cause any hindrance to the SEO efforts.

Automation can be beneficial, but there could be no way of substituting manual checks and common sense. Make sure that deleting or redirecting is the best course of action before doing it.

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