Major emergency services of London

Major emergency services of London

It does not matter where you are and how well prepared you are, there are some core services which you need to keep in your mind for the future possibilities. It is very essential to know about what steps one should take in an emergency or how to deal with that.

So, here we are going to thoroughly check out some emergency services provided in London, UK.

1) The National Health Service (NHS)

The NHS is the major health service provider in London. It offers free health treatment for the denizens of the UK. It covers all possibilities of medical emergencies. But if you are the outsider or traveller, then you have to pay for your medical treatment. But usually, this sort of medical possibilities are covered in travel insurances.

And also, if your state has the agreement of medical services with the UK, then you will get a free treatment or need to pay less.

So, let’s check out some emergency Numbers

A) Dialling 999

This is the perfect example of “one simple solution” quote. It means, this emergency number will give you the major services like Police, Fire brigade and ambulance.

B) Dialling 111

This is also related to the emergency medical services but in some normal casualties, it means not life threatening. This number was introduced in 2014, for providing urgent medical information or services of medical.  Such as like information about the doctors, appointments or to clear some basic querries.

C)Local Fire brigade

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In a life-threatening situation of fire, you need to dial just three numbers 101 for the local support of fire.

D)Local Police

For general querries or in normal casualty problems, 101 number will give you the aid of local police.

E) Local Ambulance

The digits of 111 will give the aid of local Ambulance Service.

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