Prints, Patterns, and Colours to Add In Your Closet

Prints, Patterns, and Colours to Add In Your Closet

There is nothing more effortlessly stylish than making a statement with colours, prints and patterns in your outfit. They do all the work for you while the busy woman and you can relax and bathe in the compliment shower. Here are some prints, patterns, and colours that make a bold statement even in their most muted form and needs to be in your closet for all the right reasons.

  1. Plaid

The juxtaposition of a masculine pattern like plaid against the femininity of a peplum top or a flowy kaftan is not just fashionable but also creates a unique yet balances outfit. You can rock the print in winter by layering the beautiful tops over a turtleneck which will keep you extra warm and toasty even in the chilliest weather.

  1. Paisley Print

There is rarely anything that might scream bohemian louder than this exquisite print. A paisley printed top is such a statement in itself that you need to put minimum effort to plan an outfit around it. Whether you want to pair it with your plane Jane blue jeans or go for a hippy look with comfortable cotton Jodhpur pants, a versatile paisley print top can do it all. They are especially great for when you want to show off your ethnic streak while staying fuss free and comfortable all day.

  1. Cutwork

Want to add a tinge of flirt to your fashion without going overboard? Then, a cutwork top is your way to go. The natural cotton fabric is super comfortable and the cutwork adds just a tinge of femininity to the look which makes it a perfect wear for a date or a day out with friends.

  1. Pristine white

You cannot have just one white shirt in your closet and call it a day for these beauties are as versatile as versatile can get. While a crisp white shirt oozes classy formal style, a flowy white top with some ethnic chikankari work on it is perfect for the days when you want to show off your delicate and chic side. The pure white colour makes a statement for itself and can practically be paired with anything under the sun effortlessly.

  1. Bright Yellow

The runways have been flooding with different shades of this gorgeous colour and so should be your closet. The brightness of a yellow top can kick all your midweek blues to the grave. This happy colour is perfecto brighten up any day whether the sky seems gloomy or it is your mood that is not at its sunniest best.

Tips for choosing the right women tops online

  • Buy from a trustworthy shop instead of falling for cheap and gimmicky sites.
  • Look for good quality fabric such a cotton, linen, viscose etc. for summer and yarn which is hypo-allergic for winter.
  • Check your measurements properly and go for clothing which fit those measurements. Regular fit is the most comfortable but do not overdo it and settle for baggy clothes.

Look for pockets in clothes because most shops and brand do not take that into serious account when it comes to women’s clothing.

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