Safe Cooking Tips for New Cooks

Safe Cooking Tips for New Cooks

Cooking is an art and like if you want to be a good cook then you have to maintain some golden rules of kitchen safety. Remember, maximum numbers of home accident occurs due to kitchen man-handle. So, knowing how to cook well is just not the only concern of a good cook, you also have to know about some important rules of kitchen which is not a tough job to maintain but a life-sever practice. Now you can find, many food recipe blog starts to write about the safety matters while preparing the dish.

Here in this article I’m going to write about some easy and simple steps which can protect you from major accidents in your kitchen. So, friends, let’s have a quick look at those matters.

Store Knives Safely

Cooking is always a fun and interesting matter for everyone but kitchen safety is the main priority while you are cooking something. Knives are he most dangerous as well as important thing in a kitchen room. Firstly, you have to keep your knives out of the reach of children. Secondly, always keep your knives in a wooden cover or in a drawer to avoid unwanted cuts and injuries.

Avoid Loose Cloths

Never cook in loose cloths and if you have long hair then always try to keep your hair tied back strongly to avoid accidents. Loose hair is always ending in the food you cook so you have to keep it in your mind strongly.

Avoid Heavy Jewelry

Always try to avoid dangling jewelry while you are cooking in your kitchen. Your bracelet can tangled around your cooking pot handle which can be a cause of a major accident with you.

Keep Your Ingredients Nearby

Don’t keep your cooking ingredients far from the flame. Always make a handy position in your kitchen to make it easy to cook well.

Cooking pot handles are very useful in kitchen but you always have to keep those handle away from the flame to keep yourself safe from getting burn.

Always try to keep your cooking surface clear while you are cooking. It’ll help you to cook safely in your kitchen and it’ll look better in you can keep your kitchen clear which cooking.

Always keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen to avoid catching fire from your oven or flame.

Be very careful while cutting the pieces of meat. After taking it from the fridge always keep it aside for at least 30 minuets to make the temperature normal.

If you are a cook lover and want to cook delicious item in your home then you need to keep those safety tips in your mind. Safety matters are always important for everyone in kitchen so keep a special attention at this mater. In our blog WWW.THEFOODAFFAIR.IN we always try to help people with recipes and cooking tips. So, if you need to know about any recipes then please visit our website for reference.

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