School Franchise Opportunities

School Franchise Opportunities

Schools are the primary centers of education that provide and develop the thrust for knowledge deep within the minds of the children. School is the very first place after home where a kid is brought up and is kept in a mixed environment with different other kids. School can be defined as any formal education institution that provides the knowledge of any subject or field and is constructed by a quality number of students those are completely dependent on it for learning. Schools can be of different types. There can be a music school, a drawing school, a driving school, a singing school, an academic school etc. Schooling is the very basic necessity of every individual human being. Most of the countries have made schooling necessary up to a certain age.

The schools in India are differentiated on two basis- government or private. In India, the government undertakes the responsibilities to control the education system by having its own schools in different states that are again controlled by the government of that province. The mode of teaching and curriculum is completely dependent upon the decision of the government. Another is the private schools. These schools are affiliated to the central board of education in the country that provides a basic set of rules along with the teaching procedure. But private schools have the liberty to draw up their own methods of teaching and curriculum.

The word franchise has been derived from the Anglo-French word Franc meaning free. Franchising is the mode to expand and help to grow a business and to reach the targeted consumers. Education in India is slowly and gradually being converted into franchising with the big educational institutions taking over the smaller ones. School franchise opportunities have largely grown over the world in the last three decades. Franchising requires certain mutual contract or understanding between both the parties, that I the franchisor and the franchisee. Again the franchisor is expected to get a certain amount of money from the franchisee on:

  1. Reimbursements for teaching and training of staffs.
  2. Use of trademark and royalty for it.
  3. A percentage of total sales of units or in these cases total admissions can be counted.

The rate of franchising is increasing in the third world countries. School franchise opportunities in India are abundant and the curve is increasing at a steeper rate.

  1. Hyderabad Public School- Hyderabad Public Scholl I one of the largest franchised schools in India for kids that is located in Hyderabad. The school has kindergarten, primary school and middle school and provides stress to the root levels of education.
  2. Sprouts Public School- Sprouts Public School has a rigorous programme of academic and a routine extra-curricular activity that helps to develop better persons in the future.
  3. Ajeenkya DY Patil International-Ajeenkya DY patil International is a reputed educational institution found in 1983 and promotes education and academic influences and encourages their students to participate actively.

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