Digital Parenting like a Pro

This App Can Help You to Do Digital Parenting like a Pro

Are you looking for a teen monitoring tool? We are sure you will be as are many other people. The use of android spy app has increased over time because of greater security and safety concerns among parents, employers as well as people in relationships. For this reason, we have created this guide for the parents who need a need child monitoring software to keep eyes on their kids.

It should be noted; the app we are going to talk about is not just for parents to monitor their kids. Other users like employers and partners can use this as well. The app offers multiple features that are equally useful for parents, employers, and partners. This is what makes this app the best one in the market and that is BlurSPY– the best phone spy app.

BlurSPY- The Best Digital Parenting Software

Before we talk about the features and great qualities of BlurSPY, we need to understand its importance. Nowadays, the use of android spy software is common among parents. In just Britain, more than 50% of parents are using digital parenting tools. The study by Forbes found out that the British are obsessed with the latest android monitoring apps. They are using these tools and apps to track their kids, monitor their employees and partners.

So now coming to the point, BlurSPY is a wonderful android parental control app that is being used by thousands of users. The app comes with a lot of features and tools that can make digital parenting pretty easy for the parents. This is the perfect option for all parents to who want to keep eyes on their kids all day around. The great thing about the app is that it works in the background and maintain privacy. The person who is being tracked will never find the app on their device.

Features of BlurSPY App

Let’s explore some of the best and useful features of BlurSPY that parents can use for digital parenting and to have perfect control over their kids. These features are meant to empower the parents and let them have the utmost control over their children.

Phone Call Tracker

When it comes to digital parenting, tracking phone calls is inevitable. Indeed, digital parenting is just incomplete without tracking phone calls of your kids. With this feature, the parents can check the phone call activities of their kids, check the call histories, know about who has been calling them, record the calls, intercept live calls and what not. This is an amazing feature for call management.

GPS Location Tracker

Ideal digital parenting is only when the parents know about the whereabouts of their kids. With this feature, parents can learn about the locations of their kids, the places they visit and the app also keeps a record of all weekly locations. This feature allows parents to keep eyes on the kids when they are not at home. Location tracking can be helpful for protecting kids these days.

Text Message Tracker

For parents, it is really important to deal with sexting of their children when it comes to digital parenting. And sexting happens through text messages. So if parents track the text messages of their kids, they can control sexting. With this feature, the users can track messages, check the conversations, time of the chats and senders and receivers. The app also allows parents to block any numbers.

Phone History Tracker

Internet history on a phone can be very helpful when it comes to knowing about the online activities of kids and teens. BlurSPY Android spy software allows parents to spy on phone history of their kids, see what they have been browsing all day and restrict access to sites which are adult or porn. This feature actually protects kids from online dangers and risks.

Social Media Monitor

Nowadays, one of the biggest concerns of the parents is to track the social media of their kids. Many parents often ask how to spy on Facebook or other social sites and this is the solution to this problem. With this app, the parents can spy on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and any other social media platform. The parents can view and check social media messengers, chats, conversations and discussions.

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