Try some monsoon fruits for a healthy diet

Monsoon has finally arrived. Each and every season has some special fruits and some special vegetables which are exclusive to that season only. Though most of the fruits are available throughout the year; there are still some which are available only at the particular time of the year.

When one is thinking of office fruit delivery, they can always root up to some seasonal fruits because most of them taste good and have some or the other health benefits. Here are some fruits which one can add in their monsoon baskets of nutrition.


One needs to choose some ripe red cherries when they are buying them. They should be plump and with a green stem. One can easily store them in a refrigerator and eat them whenever they want. Cherries are also used as toppings on cocktails and pastries. They can also be converted into pies, jams and tarts. One can also make a puree out of cherries and use them as a sauce in cooking certain dishes. This fruit is high in potassium and low in calories and sodium. They have a lot of anti oxidants which can help to fight some heart diseases and they can also lower the bad cholesterol. They have anti carcinogenic properties and can reduce the blood pressure level in a human body.


One needs to pick up peaches that are yellowish and orange in colour. They have to be firm when pressed and one should always sniff the fuzzy fruit before buying them and check whether it has a nice aroma or not. If one buys them a bit hard, then they can store them in a paper bag and that too in a room temperature. They are sweet with a tart flavour and the aromatic peach can be easily eaten without peeling off the skin. They can be used for making tarts, jams, pies and salads. This fruit is loaded with Vitamin A, B and C and it can help to protect the skin and improve one’s vision too. Peaches are also said to have fluorides which can also prevent dental cavities. Peach is also considered to be the fruit of calmness as it can help one to release stress and anxiety. Peach can make the skin look healthy and soft because the pulp and the juice of this fruit remove dead cells. It also has some anti ageing properties.


They look bright pink and one should check the firmness of the fruit before buying it. One can just peel of the skin of this fruit and then enjoy it. One can also add fresh litchis to ice3 creams and fruit juices. They do have a lot of dietary fibre, Vitamin B and potassium. The fibre keeps the digestion process clean and they fight the common cold as well. Litchis can be very useful for weight loss and it can protect the skin from UV rays.

In order to get a fruit ful office, one can also add some plums and grapes to their regular fruit baskets.

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